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  Who We Are

   LG Media Group is a dynamic team of multimedia professionals who have served the New York Tri-State area, America's #1 designated market area, since 2001. We assist clients and small businesses throughout the east coast with digital content creation, online development, and generating earned media coverage. Empower your communications with our wide range of editorial, creative, and digital services.
   We understand that public relations is way more than a media list or event planning. We detect and address trends in business and technology proactively, not reactively, and navigate crisis communications and conflict resolutions with precision and care.

What We Do

   LG Media Group provides dedicated, personalized services. We develop and deliver targeted, tailored messaging that is unique for each client. We believe in quality over quantity, which is exactly why we choose to keep our client base small and our impact large.
   We require a minimum 6-month commitment for all new clients, as we expect you to be truly serious about growing your business. Shorter commitments will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Our policy respectfully prohibits discussing or accepting work where payment is based on speculation or commission.